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         While early forms os sushi have been around for centuries, modern sushi was created in 1800s in Tokyo, Japan. At first it was only served out of food carts and was eaten by hand. Because of this tradition it is perfectly acceptable to eat most form of sushi by hand, even in modern times. There are four main categories of sushi. Sashimi consists of thin slices of fish or seafood. Nigiri or Nigirisushiis a thin slice of fish or seafood served over a mound of pressed sushi rice. Makisushi or norimaki is rolled sushi wrapped in rice and seaweed sliced into round pieces. Temakisushi is sushi in a cone-shaped roll eaten by hand. At UMI we use the freshest, highest-quality ingredients to serve you the best traditional sushi as well as unique, innovative creations from our sushi chefs.

        Teppanyaki dinning is one of the newest forms of Japanese cuisine having been introduced in Japan in 1940s. It is also sometimes referred to as Hibachi.  The word teppanyaki come from the teppan, which means iron plate; and yaki, which means grilled, broiled or pan-fried. As you sit around the grill you highly-trained and skilled chef will prepare your meal before your eyes. This meal is not only a treat for your plate, but a delight for all your senses as your chef entertains you by preparing your meal with flair.

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